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"It has been a delight working with you.  You are always upbeat and quickly solve issues. God has gifted you with administrative ability and a quick mind to size up what needs to be done. You are not only gifted in management but also in vision.  You see and instinctively know what to do."
~ Joan Gill, Realtor,
Prudential Rittenhouse Realty Group, Harleysville, PA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marie North on a residential project where sustainability was the basis of most design decisions. Her knowledge, both academic and practical, makes her a valuable resource to anyone involved in the task of living more respectfully with the natural environment. But what I appreciate the most about Marie is her openness and enthusiasm to discuss the big questions about what "sustainability" means and her earnest desire to explore appropriate means to achieve those ends. She is a joy to work with."
~ Kerry Kowalchuk, AIA, LEED AP