A New Language - Solar PVs: Generating and Storing Power with a Battery Back-up System

Bill Hennessy of Berks Solar and Bruce Haskin evaluating solar potential The 2011 Halloween snowstorm and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, were late October storms that moved through Pennsylvania causing extensive power outages to many homes in my area. The sound of generators rumbled through neighborhoods while many people searched in vain to find and purchase one. As the generator supply dwindled, those still on the shelves were very expensive. The winter of 2013-2014 was cold and harsh and we worried, again, about losing power.

Those of us who have vivid memories of days without power are wondering what steps we can take to minimize the affects on our lives during a power outage. While generators are now readily available, another option is available along with a federal tax credit. That option is solar photo-voltaics (PVs) with a battery backup system for storing electricity. Follow my blog on the installation of a small PV system which will provide power to the 'essentials' in our home during a power outage.

Photo: Bill Hennessy of Berks Solar, LLC, Mertztown, PA and electrician Bruce Hankins evaluating the potential to generate enough power from PVs installed on our south side dormer roof.